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New Swimmer-FAQ

How do I Join SWAT?
It’s easy to join our team! Click Membership Info for more information on how to join SWAT.

What pools does SWAT train out of?
SWAT uses Muskego HS, Greenfield HS and Whitnall HS as their primary training pools.  In the summer our primary pool is the 50 meter pool at Wilson Park. Click on Pools below for address and google maps:  Pool Locations: click here

What is the SWAT Hotline?
In addition to your printed schedule, SWAT uses a stand alone voice messaging system as our daily hotline for team communication.  THE HOTLINE NUMBER IS:  414-226-8577.  The hotline confirms the daily printed practice schedule, plus is used for team announcements, meet entry deadlines, as well as gives us a tool for letting the team know if practice has to be cancelled or changed due to a weather related  situation or a pool closing due to mechanical issues.

What time is practice and how much does it cost?
Workout Times and Schedules vary by group and pool. Schedules can be found by holding cursor over Schedules on home page and using the drop downs for SCHEDULES.
Training Group Descriptions and Fees

Fee Breakdown

Now that I have joined SWAT, what happens next?
We have a great group of parents who have volunteered to be a liaison for  each level. Contact your team Parent Liason with questions or  for more help on learning about SWAT and our programs.
Club Contact List

New Swimmer Welcome Kit

What training group should my child be in?
The coaches will decide which group is best for your child.  Each group has specific criteria that the swimmers must meet to be in that training group.  The coaches will evaluate each swimmer at the end of the season for advancement to the next group.
Training Goup Descriptions


Where can I find information about Masters training?
SWAT currently is not offering a Masters Program, but can provide a link to an adult swimming program in the area -
Tri-Faster Adult Swim

How do I use the SWAT website?
You can find a wealth of information on the SWAT website.  Once you receive your password, you can login and discover another world of information inside our site.  You can check your team account status, meet entries, contact other members, and more.  The website is our major means of communication.  Use it to keep informed.

How do I check my account?
You must login to the SWAT website and then click "My Account" under the sign-in box. Next click the sub directory of My Account. You can view your account history and payments here.  Payments are posted within the week after we receive them. Viewing Invoice On Line

Parent Webinar on how to view your Account

How do I pay Program, Entry, and other fees? 
Fees are billed monthly on the 1st, of the month for you to review charges.
  Fees are due by the 15th of the billed month to avoid a $10 late charge 
Payments can be arranged through your bank for automatic scheduled payment. 
Please do not give checks or cash payments to the coaches.
Checks are payable to Southwest Aquatic Team or SWAT
Your current account balance can be checked online after you log in.
You can mail the payment to:

Cindy Budnik-SWAT
W172 S7707 Lannon Drive
Muskego,WI 53150

Parent Webinar on how to use your team account

How do I order team swim suits, training equipment, and uniforms?
Information for team gear located under GEAR icon on home page,
 to find out how to order required team suits, and more. Contact Team Gear Coordinator for swim caps. They are required for all swim meets.


Where can I find information about swim meets?
Swim meet information can be found on the event page under Upcoming Events on the SWAT front page. Hold your cursor over the meet name and click. (Don’t click on ATTEND THIS MEET)  Here you can find the official Meet Information Letter from the host, the team hotel (Away meets if needed), and more. Warm-up times and start times will be posted 1 week before the meet.
You will receive an e-mail 7 days before the final entry deadline inviting you to sign-up on the SWAT website.


Which meets should I enter?
Check the Meet Schedule meets schedule for your child. WE also list the group levels for each event when we generate the event email invitation

How do I find qualifying time standards? 
Some meets that we attend are championship meets with qualifying time standards.  These are times that swimmers must achieve to attend the meet.  The time standards can be found on the official Meet Information Letter posted on the Event Page or under Records / Times tab and click Time Standards to view the qualifying times. They can also be found under your
My Meet Results(button on left side of home page) (login required)


How do I enter swim meets?
You will receive an e-mail 7-15 days before the entry deadline inviting you to sign-up on the SWAT website. 
Click Attend the event on the front page of the website under Upcoming Events. You must be logged in using your password to use this feature. 
Commit your child to the event. You may even select events that your child would like to swim. The coaches will review the entry and then make the final decision on the selected events. 
The entry will be posted and updated often under the Meet Entries tab (login required). Entries will become Final the day after the deadline passes. 
Away Meets a credit (negative) balance in your account to complete the entry process. SWAT Hosted or home meets, all swimmers will be entered. It will be your responsibility to let us know if your child cannot attend. Failure to do so will result in entry fees being billed to your account. 
Championship Meets are entered by the coaches. The swimmer must meet the event qualifying times listed on the Meet Information Letter posted on the event page under Upcoming Events.
Please pay close attention to sign-up deadlines.

Parent Webinar on how to enter meets

How do I check my Childs's entry?
Under Meets/Events - Committed athletes.  Coaches make final approval of events 48 hours after registration deadline.  You can make any changes up until the deadline.  Once the events have a red check mark - they are considered final. 

How do I find hotel information for out of town meets?
Rooms are limited and reserved on a first request basis. Do not wait until the entry deadline to reserve your room, especially when the 12 & Under state meet is in Madison.
We will post the hotel information prior to the meet under Meets/Events click on Meet name (login required).

What are meet fees and how do I pay them?
Meet fees are charges set by the meet host for individual events and relays.  The swimmer is charged on a per event basis ($4.00 for Timed Final, $5.00 for Prelim / Finals, and more for championship meets).  The host may also charge a Facility Fee Surcharge per swimmer ($7.50 for Timed Finals, and $10 for Prelim / Finals).  For away meets a swimmer surcharge is added to entry fees, to help cover  coaches expenses  Meet entry fees will be billed to your monthly account. You must carry a credit (-) or negative balance to enter meets
Please read the Meet Entry Policy when to pay meet fees.

How do I find my child’s times and results?
Our swimmers times are posted in 4 different places on the website.
1. Full meet results are listed under MEETS and then "Past and Archived" for each past meet.
2. Left hand side of the front page under My Account and then click My Meet Results. It can be filtered to see the cuts they have achieved. (login required) Free webinar Meet Results and how to View for Parents.
3. USA Swimming Individual Times Search Database. Link is on the page under thetop times drop downtab on the menu bar.
4. Create a"My USA Swimmingweb account and get the latest data, meet results, and more customized for your swimmer. It’s free!


How do I contact other members? 
Click the "Members" tab (login required) on top left screen of homepage. .  This will take you to the Member Search page.  Here you can look up individual members or groups.  Swimmer names, parent names, street address, email address and home phone number are visible for all members who have not indicated a preference under "My Account" to not be in the directory.  To be removed from the directory, select "No, I do not want to participate" in the "Member Search" box.  If you are not in the directory you also can not see other members contact information.

How do I find out about practice schedules, and weather related issues?
Workout schedules for each training group are posted on the schedule (use drop down menu click on  practice schedules).
Changes due to weather or pool cancellations will be announced on the SWAT hotline, emailed or posted on the front page of the website.

How do I find information about Fundraising?
Click on the Fundraising Tab on the home page (login required) to download forms, info, and more pertaining to team fundraising.

Volunteering for Meets - What is required:
SWAT hosts 2 meets per season. Each family is required to help out at each of our SWAT hosted meets. Number of sessions required may vary by season, but all families benefit from the revenue generated by hosting meets and are expected to help even if your swimmer is not entered in that meet.   Please click here for more information on Meet Volunteering and job descriptions:  MEET VOLUNTEERING

How do I contact a coach?
Click Coaches at the top left of the website pages for each coaches e-mail address.


Meet Sign Up - Frequently Asked Questions regarding meet participation/readiness/signup procedure (click)

What is USA-S and why do I pay extra for that? SWAT is a club member of USA Swimming, Inc. and Wisconsin Swimming, Inc., which operates locally as a Local Swim Committee (LSC).  All registered group members of SWAT need to be members of USA Swimming.  With this, swimmers have liability insurance at all USA Swimming approved events, practices and meets.  Additionally, swimmers will receive a copy of the SPLASH magazine published by USA Swimming and have an opportunity to participate in  meets and special camps and other special events sponsored by USA Swimming and Wisconsin Swimming.

USA Swimming  is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States.  USA Swimming divides the country into 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSC).  As the national governing body for the sport, USA
Swimming is charged with the responsibility to formulate rules, conduct national championships, disseminate safety and sports medicine information, select competitors to represent this country in international competition, and ensure the
development of its member club and age group swimmers.  USA Swimming is the ruling body of sanctioned swimming meets in the United States for meets in which SWAT participates.
  More about USA Swiming (click here)

New Families - Please check out these helpful links provided by USA Swimming. 

Swimming 101 ( click here) 


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